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Food Fatigue Offers Opportunity for Brands | WMI

04 Dec 2015 Ann D'Adamo

in Food & Beverage, Integrated

Women's Marketing - Food & Beverage Industry

“Mom, what’s for dinner?” This question is asked every single day in households across America. And for many women, the answer is strikingly similar night after night. In a recent study, researchers found that 50% of women said their number one meal-time challenge is boredom. It seems that American women are preparing the same repertoire of meals week after week—and if they’re tired of making the same dinners time and again, it’s likely their families are bored too!

While there’s no shortage of recipe websites or food-related content on social media, the survey found that 43% of respondents had difficulty finding recipes that appealed to all members of their household or that tasted good (41%), found the cost of ingredients prohibitive (42%), believed there was a shortage of ideas for cooking healthy, were juggling conflicting family schedules (30%), and, not surprisingly, 27% of women didn’t have time to prepare meals.

Insight into these challenges can be a bonanza for food brands. As the survey revealed, women crave recipes, tips, and tricks from brands. Developing healthy, family-friendly recipes, crafted with affordable ingredients, and incorporating time-saving shortcuts can put emerging food brands on their radar. Marketers should look for ways to combat food boredom with innovative uses of their products, offer ways to speed up the cooking process, and advise consumers how to adapt recipes to appeal to both kids and adults.

Equally important is driving awareness of your brand on social media. Researchers found that Pinterest and Facebook were the top sites for discovery and meal inspiration. Eighty-three percent of respondents said they regularly visit food brand social sites to access coupons and discounts. Encourage fans of your brand to provide reviews of their favorite products and share recipes—74% of women post or share food-related content and the majority of women are highly influenced by the opinions of their family and friends.

Emerging brands offer exciting new options for a food fatigued mom…but she has to find you first. Distinguish yourself by actively engaging with women when, and where, they’re most receptive to your brand and offering solutions to their biggest challenges. Contact Women’s Marketing to learn how we can help your brand stand out to the consumers who matter most to your brand.

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