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2017: The Year of Social Media Advertising | WMI

27 Mar 2017 Jenna Manula, Director Social Media Marketing

in Digital,

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As the social networks began to rely on advertising revenue to fuel growth, they began refining their advertising portals to comply with monetization demands. This evolution began in 2014, and successful results—actual product sales—have been realized on Facebook and Instagram from Q3 of 2016. That is why I am deeming 2017 the Year of Social Advertising. 

“In the 6 months since Lovesac has seen multiple posts go mega-viral, we have seen a direct and measurable lift in sales in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. When one video showcasing the Lovesac BigOne was boosted with a small spend, it ended up netting over 175MM views and drove over 500K people to site. This was only two weeks after a similar image posted on our organic page and boosted for another small spend went viral and translated into 100MM+ impressions and 1.2MM people driven to site.

These clicks were then driven down-funnel and to our Lovesac retail stores through a barrage of conversion ads that produced ROAS in the ballpark of 100x. Show me another marketing channel that can give you even a sniff of this level of reach, targeting, or efficiency and I’ll happily push to reallocate funds in that direction. Until then, we just want to say–thanks Zuck!”

  • Mike Majlak, Head of Social Media & Partnerships, Lovesac

Does Social Media Sell?

    • I’m telling you, social advertising works.

    • At Women’s Marketing, I’ve launched paid social media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat, since their conception. I have had the pleasure of testing almost every ad type, across every social network, and pride myself in the ability to create strategic paid social media plans that deliver results. It’s been fun to watch the industry evolve from a brand awareness channel to a viable direct response platform. And it’s getting better, as I’m able to watch my clients continue to grow.
      Yes, social media is still defined as top-of-the-funnel, but thanks to Facebook and Instagram’s robust targeting and enhanced tracking techniques, brands across all verticals can now begin to use the networks to grow their businesses. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Creativity is at the heart of successful marketing, as it’s always been, regardless of platform.

    • Need more evidence? Check out these #RealFacts, for real success we’ve created for clients within the past few months:

    • Indie Beauty Brand
      Social first might not be the strategy for every category, but it’s a way of life for indie beauty brands. Our client built its business on Instagram and partnered with us on the launch of a Black Friday campaign. Within two hours of the campaign being live, the featured holiday product sold out on the client’s website.

    • European Women’s Fashion Apparel
      In January 2017, a Swedish fashion brand asked us to help them generate sales in the United States. Within one month of launching their first U.S. Facebook campaign, the brand saw an increase in sales at 6:1 return on ad spend.

    • Established Mineral Makeup Brand
      In 2016, a legacy client began investing in paid Facebook and Instagram ads in the hopes of driving sales for its weekly promotions. Through retargeting, custom audience creation, and campaign optimization, we were able to drive ecommerce sales for the brand at a 217% return on ad spend.
    • I’d love to talk to you about how we can use #RealFacts to build real success for your brand. 
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