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6 Questions Every Mobile Marketer Needs to Ask | WMI

6 Questions Every Mobile Marketer Needs to Ask | WMI

05 May 2017 Nick Koutsopoulos

in Digital,


There’s no doubt that the potential of mobile marketing is, in a word, awesome. Smartphones and tablets account for 51.3% of internet use, and by the end of 2017, 75% of online content consumption will be mobile. As consumers shift to mobile, marketers are allocating more of their their ad dollars to the platform—this year, mobile ad spend is predicted to exceed $40 billion and that number is anticipated to surpass $65 billion by 2020. But simply spending more on mobile ads isn’t a strategy—before investing in mobile, it’s essential that marketers develop an understanding of their consumer and identify the opportunities that make the most sense for their brand. How? Women’s Marketing Media Director Nick Koutsopoulous answers the six most common mobile questions marketers ask.

Q: How should mobile fit into my marketing strategy?

A:  Think about mobile as a central piece to the marketing puzzle. Mobile is more than a digital strategy—what works on other digital platforms may not work on mobile, so plan for it independently outside the scope of digital.

Q: Where are the opportunities for mobile to make the most business impact?

A: Mobile is engrained in our business and personal lives. Develop an understanding of how your consumers engage with mobile and then apply those insights across your marketing portfolio.

Q: When should I invest in mobile?

A: With a pulse on your consumers, the time is now to identify which use cases make the most sense.

Q: What is the right progression and at what velocity should we move?

A: Each business is different, but to stay ahead of your customers, you should outline a roadmap by identifying turnkey opportunities and begin investing in them.

Q: How can we quickly show meaningful value?

A: Gains can quickly be made by investing in search, social, and display. It’s important to be sure your website is optimized for mobile to provide a seamless experience and marry expectations from ad to website.

Q: How much should I invest?

A: Before developing a budget, revisit your goals and objectives and understand how your consumer engages with mobile. If your consumer is active on mobile, then investing should be commensurate with your marketing budget.

At Women’s Marketing we partner with brands to identify and isolate the right opportunities in mobile and across our scope of marketing services. Contact us today to learn how we can help your brand leverage the right media, across the right platform, at the right time.