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A Beautiful Rebrand: Interview with Andrea Van Dam

17 Jan 2019 Marlea Clark

in Women in Media, Industry News, Stella Rising News

Mass Marketer Retailer recently interviewed Andrea Van Dam, CEO, Stella Rising, about the agency and what it was like to take the strengths of one company and rebrand as a fresh new force. In the interview, Van Dam shares every detail that went into building Stella Rising: the agency for rising star brands. Check out the full interview, "A Beautiful Rebrand" here.

Looking for highlights? Below, find a few moments from the interview:

MMR: Why change your name?

AVD: We are committed to building on our tradition of success, while recognizing that, for the range of clients we serve, the resources, talent, and services we offer them are continually evolving to meet the demands of today's and tomorrow's consumer-first economy. And, while we're a women-led company with a passion for beauty, we understand all kinds of consumers, and wanted a modern name that is more human-centric.

MMR: How can Stella Rising help our readers?

AVD: Our team understands the rapidly changing mass marketplace. With deep category expertise, rising star talent, and a long track record of growing early-stage companies to category leaders, including some of the most celebrated and successful M&A transactions, we can help your brand grow and stay relevant. I like to call it "leading from the edges." It means working with brands that are coming from the edge, not the conventional middle, where today's greatest energy, excitement, and growth in business is taking place.

For more information, pick up the latest issue of MMR on-sale now. Thank you to our partners at MMR for the opportunity to talk about Stella Rising!
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