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Infographic | Amazon Prime Day 2021

13 Jul 2021 Beth Mattix

in Amazon, Infographic

Comparing Prime Day events, 2020 to 2021, is an uneven game. In 2020, Prime Day was extremely close to the peak holiday shopping season and amidst an ecommerce boom, spurred by the pandemic. This year, Prime Day was scheduled—with less advance notice—in June, typically a quieter shopping month. Even still, analysts estimate that Prime Day 2021 sales grew 18% over Prime Day 2020; this suggests that consumers rely on this “holiday,” regardless of when it occurs. Approximately 20% of Prime Members said they spent significantly more this year, and about 25% said they spent slightly more. Overall, Prime Day orders size fell from $55 to $45, but average household spend was over $100; it seems that more consumers are buying smaller ticket items—and often converting multiple times over the period.


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Amazon Infographic