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Amazon Sponsored Ads and DSP: Creative Guidelines and Helpful Tips

16 Feb 2022 Katie Michowski

in Amazon

Photos and videos shown via Amazon Advertising are an important part of the customer shopping experience, both within Sponsored Ads as seen in search results, and on Amazon DSP, as seen both on and off Amazon. In both channels, it is critical to have an aesthetically pleasing photo or video to stand out amidst the competition.      

First impressions on Amazon do, in fact, matter. The way a listing appears to shoppers will highly influence their decision making. Furthermore, when consumers know exactly what they are ordering, brand loyalty increases and negative reviews and return rate decrease.



An example of an Amazon DSP Ad

An example of an Amazon Sponsored Brand Ad

As your brand invests in high-quality creative assets, on both Amazon and DSP, remember that Amazon reaches shoppers across many different devices, placements, and regions; it is important to have assets that work well across the scope of creative possibilities. What’s more, data on consumer engagement proves that—understandably—adjusting creative to different formats is effective. In ad campaigns, consumers engaged 20% more on desktop and 13% more on mobile when the brand logo met the right sizing requirements.

Consider this article your guide to improving or starting on your creative asset quality for both Amazon Sponsored Ads and DSP. I will tackle each element to consider, with the guidelines below.



Creative assets enable brands on Amazon to provide a consistent shopping experience by easily re-using brand content across Amazon through a single interface, the Amazon UI. You can upload files and organize them using tags and products in one central location for use across Amazon Advertising and on shopping pages on Amazon.

You can quickly build ad creatives and connect with your customers by using brand content stored in “creative assets.” You can filter and sort by asset types, allowing for quick and easy access.

A list of filters that you can use to sort and organize creative:

  • Ad policy approved
  • Type 
  • Program
  • Dimensions
  • File format
  • Size
  • Date uploaded
  • Moderation status
  • Campaign name
  • Store name
  • Archived

Where can creative assets be found?

Creative assets can be uploaded to and live in the advertising console, under the creative assets tab. It is to the left in the navigation tab. The icon looks like this:



Logos are crucial to your brand identification. Your logo is what customers use to recognize your brand. A good logo that is visually pleasing can grow brand awareness. Customers are also able to recognize your brand right way.

  • Completely fill all available space when you upload your logo
  • Only use text that’s large and easy to read
  • Apply a white background color to keep text highly visible in more placements
  • Accurately reflect the brand or product being promoted



Shoppers see and read a lot of text on Amazon that describes a product and helps inform information for a purchase. Your brand messaging can start a conversation, helping to build your brand’s personality and make it more memorable.

  • Use simple words that are easy for everyone to understand
  • Appeal to everyone by not calling out a specific region or group
  • Match the tone of the messaging to the tone of the brand
  • Clarify how the brand is unique
  • Encourage shoppers to take a next step (without pressuring them to do so)
  • Use the local language for each marketplace



Storytelling with lifestyle images is a great way to tell the story of your brand and product. While Sponsored Product campaigns help with conversions, Sponsored Brand campaigns help consumers discover new brands and create brand loyalty. A brand’s imagery should focus on how its products add value in real, everyday life.

  • Use the highest image resolution possible
  • Use a photo or graphic to show how the brand can be part of a positive life experience
  • Maintain focus on the brand or one of its products
  • Show that the brand is for everyone by using models who are diverse across race, age, weight, and ethnicity



You can do more with video than you can with images: videos tell a deeper story. You can use lifestyle videos, GIFS, 360 spins, and more to show your product and brand on Amazon. With high-quality videos you can build trust with shoppers by giving them information on your products. Convey details that consumers can’t get from images or text, like how a product performs under challenging conditions or how a user interacts with your brand.

  • Use text that’s clearly visible over the background
  • Keep text on screen long enough for it to be read
  • Prevent a black screen by avoiding fade ins
  • Speak to shoppers in their local language
  • Put the most important takeaway in the first few seconds
  • Use captions to reach shoppers without sound



Ensure that your ad format complies with the following guidelines:

  • All images and videos must be legible and of a high resolution
  • Animation is only permitted in videos
  • Creatives should not interfere with legibility of ad templates
  • Sponsored Brands must be sized to the following specs: 728x90, 800x90, 300x250, 160x600, 245x135 or 900x45.



The content requirements below apply to all elements of your ads: custom and headline text, brand logo, images, video, and advertised ASIN images.

General Requirements:

  • Be suitable for a general audience
  • Accurately reflect the content of the landing page
  • Communicate in the primary language of the Amazon site on which the ad is displayed
  • Be clear and accurate so that customers receive correct information before engaging with an ad or deciding to purchase a product
  • Only promote products that you either own or are authorized to resell or distribute



Custom Imagery allows you to draw the consumer into your brand using unique images. Images must not interfere with the landing page and must be high resolution and high quality. Images must be aesthetically pleasing.

Images must NOT:

  • Be individual or multiple product images on a solid or transparent background
  • Be an individual brand logo or combination of logos
  • Be one of your selected product images
  • Contain crowded, excessive, poorly cropped, or illegible elements
  • Contain additional text other than text naturally present in the image (such as on product packaging)
  • Contain letterbox or pillarbox formats

Sponsored Ad and DSP Creative Specifications

Sponsored Ad - Custom Creative: Logo 400x400 Under 1MB | PNG, JPEG        
Sponsored Ad - Custom Creative:      Custom Creative (Display, Brand) 1200x628 Under 1MB | PNG, JPEG, GIF
Sponsored Brand Video: Video 920x1080px, 1280x720px, or 3840x2160 Max 500MB | MP4 or MOV (Video must be at least six seconds and a maximum of 45 seconds. Amazon recommends an optimal video length of 1530 seconds.)
DSP - Static/Custom Creatives 300x250 Max 50kb | (JPG, GIF, PNG)
DSP - Static/Custom Creatives 320x50       Max 50kb | (JPG, GIF, PNG)
DSP - Static/Custom Creatives 728x90 Max 50kb | (JPG, GIF, PNG)
DSP - Static/Custom Creatives 160x600 Max 50kb | (JPG, GIF, PNG)
DSP - Static/Custom Creatives 300x600 Max 50kb | (JPG, GIF, PNG)
DSP - Static/Custom Creatives 970x250 Max 200kb | (JPG, GIF, PNG)
DSP Mobile: Mobile Static/Custom Creatives 640 x 100 Max 50 kb | JPG / PNG-8
DSP Mobile: Mobile Static/Custom Creatives 828 x 250 Max 100 kb | JPG / PNG-8
DSP Mobile: Mobile Static/Custom Creatives 600 x 500 Max 40 kb | JPG / PNG-8
DSP Mobile: Mobile Static/Custom Creatives 1456 x 180 Max 200 kb | JPG / PNG-8
DSP OTT: Video        1920x1080 Max 500 mb | MP4 A duration of 15s or 30s is required. Recommended video bitrate 8mbps. Video frame rate (fps) 23.976 (recommended), 24, 25, or 29.97. Video frame rate mode: Constant. Minimum audio bitrate 192kbps. Audio sample rate 44.1kHz or 48kHz. Video: H.264, MPEG2, or MPEG4; Audio: PCM or AAC
DSP OLV: Video 1920x1080 (640x360 for third party) Max 500 mb | MP4 
Duration minimum 6s, max 120s, A duration of exactly 6s, 15s, 20s, 30s, or 60s is recommended. (The use of videos outside of these durations may negatively impact your campaign performance. Shorter lengths will drive higher VCR (although scale on 6s may be limited). A 120s duration is also supported. Recommended video bitrate 8mbps. Video frame rate (fps) 23.976 (recommended), 24, 25, or 29.97. Video frame rate mode: Constant. Minimum audio bitrate 192kbps. Audio sample rate 44.1kHz or 48kHz. Video: H.264, MPEG2, or MPEG4; Audio: PCM or AAC.)

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