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Beauty Infographic: What Women Want in Foundation Makeup | WMI

Beauty Infographic: What Women Want in Foundation Makeup | WMI

02 Aug 2017 Ann D'Adamo


At the foundation of every Instagrammable makeup look is clear, glowing skin. As the line between skincare and makeup begin to blur, consumers continue to seek makeup that does double duty—giving them a flawless complexion while treating common concerns like preventing fine lines or treating acne. But it takes time to achieve a flawless look—women say it takes an average of 29 minutes to look naturally put together! In our infographic, we examine the elements of the perfect foundation makeup and what women look for when they shop for beauty.

The Perfect Foundation: 11 Things Women Want in Foundation Makeup

If they could create the perfect foundation makeup, women say it would include these attributes:

44% anti-aging

44% moisturizes/hydrates

28% evens skin tone

28% contains SPF

23% lightweight

21% fades dark spots

18% contains natural ingredients

17% minimizes pores

15% formulated for sensitive skin

11% treats acne

10% brightens

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