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Charlotte Tilbury, Giving Women #LipstickConfidence | WMI

19 Jul 2016 Ann D'Adamo

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There are makeup artists, and then there are makeup artists! Charlotte Tilbury happens to be among the latter. Having made up the faces of the super-famous (Kim Kardashian, Salma Hayek) and super-gorgeous (Miranda Kerr, Kate Moss), Tilbury knows a thing or two about bringing out the best in women. Her makeup and skincare line amassed a cult following in the U.K. and U.S. and now she’s expanding her #lipstickrevolution to women everywhere through her partnership with Women for Women International.

To support the charity, Tilbury created the Hot Lips collection, 12 lipsticks inspired by, and created in collaboration with, her celebrity clients and designed to give women #LipstickConfidence. Tilbury’s Hot Lips collection will support Women for Women International by donating $2 from every Hot Lips lipstick sold to help women survivors of conflict in war-ravaged areas such as Kosovo, Iraq, Rwanda, and South Sudan rebuild their lives and help to turn around their nations.

We had the pleasure of speaking with our client, Charlotte Tilbury, about the Hot Lips collection and the magical power of lipstick.

Women’s Marketing: We’re so excited about your celebrity-inspired Hot Lips collection! How did the partnership between you and Women for Women International begin?

Charlotte Tilbury: I decided to create an incredible range of lipstick shades in honor of 12 amazing, brilliant, inspiring women. I’ve extracted their beauty DNA, mixing colors that embody their style and personality, so now everyone can have HOT LIPS! It’s the ultimate all female beauty collaboration!

I first met with Brita Fernandez Schmidt, Executive Director at Women for Women International, and she told me this awe-inspiring story about women in conflict zones who would wear lipstick as a symbol of womanhood, empowerment, sensuality, and defiance SO when the snipers would see them, they would know they were AMAZINGLY strong, brave, brilliant women. It seemed a fitting, predestined collaboration that for every lipstick sold, we would support one of these women. 

 A portion of the sale of every Hot Lips lipstick sold in July and August will be donated to WFWI and I am calling on an army of powerful, influential women to help highlight the hidden suffering of so many women around the world. 

Women’s Marketing: Why do you feel lip color is so powerful for women?

Charlotte Tilbury: It’s what I call the psychology of makeup: when you look good you feel good. And when you’re at your most confident you can unlock the power around you to make a positive change. I believe lipstick has the power to give women confidence and hope, and in some of the most dangerous and difficult places for women to live, it can be a powerful act of defiance.

 Women’s Marketing: Did the women in the Hot Lips collection have any input in the creation of the colors?

Charlotte Tilbury: All the women in the Hot Lips collection are people I have worked with in the past. I wanted to create colors that really embodied their unique personalities, styles, and characters. I’ve captured their beauty DNA, bottled it and now I’m sharing it with everyone.  Each one is named after the women that inspired the shade – for example Miranda May is Miranda Kerr’s middle name. Her shade is a beautiful pinky coral inspired by the sunsets of Malibu and Bondi where she lives – and it’s the perfect shade to make blue eyes, like Miranda’s, light up and sparkle.

 Women’s Marketing: How do you believe social media will play a role in raising awareness about the work that Women for Women International is doing?

Charlotte Tilbury: In today’s world, social media is king and it’s the key to connecting people from every generation and from all parts of the globe. It’s incredible. You are literally instantly communicating with the world in the palm of your hand – it’s incredibly powerful!

We are inviting all women to become a part of the ultimate, all female beauty collaboration by taking a selfie wearing their favorite Hot Lips lipstick shade, and post it on social media to spread their #lipstickconfidence. We want women to come together and share these beautiful images, as a symbol of their support for this amazing cause and to help raise awareness for the incredible work they are doing.  

Women’s Marketing: We talk to so many upcoming brands inspired by Charlotte Tilbury! How did your brand first start to get noticed? 

Charlotte Tilbury: Before I launched the brand I discovered some research conducted by Harvard that 50% of women don’t engage with makeup! I was so shocked by this and it was a big incentive for me to start my brand. I saw a blank space in the market for makeup that was easy to use, easy to choose and easy to understand. I wanted to decodify and demystify what is a very daunting experience for many women. At the heart of my line are the 10 looks – 10 off the peg, ready-to-wear make up looks that are everything you need to transform into a Golden Goddess or a Bombshell or a Rock Chick. I think it is this different and innovative approach that women respond to, as it solves a very real problem for them. 

 Women’s Marketing: Pink, red, or neutral…what’s your favorite lip color?

Charlotte Tilbury: I LOVE a Nude lip - every woman needs the perfect nude lip. I used to mix concealers with lipsticks to create the ultimate nude shade for Kate Moss. This was the inspiration for my bestselling Nude Kate shade. In my new Hot Lips Collection, there’s also a vintage inspired pale pink nude that makes lips instantly fuller, and irresistible and that was created for Kim Kardashian. But ultimately, I believe every woman should have a lipstick wardrobe. In fashion we’re told this is the top that goes with the skirt that goes with the shirt that goes with the shoes. So why not in beauty?! With the Hot Lips makeup wardrobe, you can choose the perfect shade based on where you are going, what you’re wearing or simply how you feel. There’s a shade for every mood and every occasion.

 Consider supporting Charlotte Tilbury’s efforts to support Women for Women International and share your #LipstickConfidence!

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