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Infographic | The Ecommerce Update: What to Expect Post-COVID

16 Jun 2021 Elizabeth McHugh

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Per eMarketer, “Ecommerce now commands a larger slice of a larger pie. Prior to the pandemic, we expected ecommerce sales would make up 13.2% of total retail sales ($5.779T) in 2021. We now expect ecommerce sales will account for 15.5% of the $5.856T in total retail sales this year.” In sum: 2021 looks rosy, particularly for consumer brands well positioned via both on- and offline channels. Pre-pandemic, ecommerce was associated with convenience; in 2020, ecommerce also equaled safety. Now, many consumers—especially Gen Zers—are excited to return in-store, but those trips will be augmented by screen time; shopping is more holistic than ever before—and for a greater group of people.


  1. $908.73B: the projected size of ecommerce sales in 2021. That represents a 7% increase over 2020 ($799.18B)
  2. Ecommerce will account for 5% of total retail sales in 2021
  3. In 2022, ecommerce sales are projected to exceed $1T
  4. The top three projected growth categories in 2021:
    • Apparel and accessories: 18.9% (driven by pent up demand)
    • Food and beverage: 18.1% (spurred by online grocery)
    • Health/personal care/beauty: 16.1% (accelerated by the pandemic)
      • Cosmetics and beauty, as a sub-category, will grow 9.7% in 2021, reaching $12.98B
  5. As consumers start going back in-stores more frequently, the seamless phygital experience will be critical:
    • 37% of both Millennials and Gen Zers like to go to a store to see/touch an item before purchasing online
    • 31% of Millennials prefer brands to use digital tools to bring the store to them
    • 30% of Gen Zers prefer going in-store to talk with sales-professionals about products

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