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Google’s Visual Makeover is Coming: What it Means for Your Brand

13 Jun 2022 Jessica Ortiz

in SEM, Trending

While Google is constantly rolling out new innovations to provide a richer consumer experience, the search giant will soon implement the greatest changes to the search page we have seen in a while. Google will shift from text heavy search results—what consumers are used to now—to a more visually engaging experience. This shift is, in part, a response to marketplaces like Amazon; images and different image formats are more prevalent on marketplace listing pages than they are in Google search results. The clear aim of the updates is to make it easier for consumers to shop directly from Google. The obvious fallout of that aim is revenue for Google—but also for brands. 


Shopping ads are going to become “swipeable;” organic shopping results will pair with ads in a highly visual format that sparks engagement. This capability will be available only to apparel brands in the short-term, but Google’s direction is clear, and we expect this format for additional categories in future.

From Instagram carousels to Amazon product display pages, consumers enjoy swiping for more visual information. I’m excited about the interactive nature of this format: brands will be able to stand out more, and with the expansion of organic shopping listings, smaller retailers can become discoverable within this new shopping experience as well.


 Having executed exciting work for clients with YouTube AR ads, I am intrigued by the new capabilities of YouTube Shorts. If swipeable search is Google’s response to marketplace, Shorts are Google’s response to TikTok. One minute in length, Shorts are a chance for brands to connect with consumers in a way they love. Client creative should be tightened up and take on the unpolished, real-life aesthetic that performs well on TikTok.

Also on YouTube: shoppable product feeds! Later in 2022, brands can connect product feeds to Shorts campaigns. This video shopability is an incredible new asset for client brands in beauty, CPG, apparel, and more—a game-changing functionality we have been waiting for! YouTube receives incredible engagement—it is the second-most visited site in the world with 1B hours of content watched daily—and this new seamless consumer experience will excite consumers and drive easily attributable revenue.

These updates, along with efforts made to streamline the checkout process through Buy on Google and the newly announced Google Checkout on Merchant, will provide consumers with the visual appeal, functionality and seamless customer journey that they’ve come to expect.

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