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Infographic: Re-Engaging the Retail Fashion Shopper | WMI

18 Aug 2017 Ann D'Adamo

in Fashion


Retailers have always held sales to clear end-of-season merchandise, but more recently, struggling retailers have been relying on deep discounting to draw consumers into stores. It seems this tactic has backfired—77% of consumers say that frequent special offers make it easy to avoid paying full price for clothing. As retailers evolve their engagement strategies, they should consider how women engage with fashion brands and what they say is important to them when shopping for apparel.

In our infographic, we illustrate how women feel about shopping and retail and what apparel marketers can do to re-engage them.

Three Ways Retailers Can Re-Engage Female Shoppers

1. Better Quality - One-third of all women say that brands aren't meeting their expectations.

2. Better Brand Experiences - Three out of four women say the retail environment plays a pivotal role in their shopping experience.

3. Better Sizing Tools - If it doesn't fit, she won't commit! Almost half of all women seek tools that help them get the perfect fit. 

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