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Infographic: The Eco-Conscious Consumer | WMI

01 Mar 2017 Ann D'Adamo

in Health & Wellness


Not so long ago, health conscious consumers had to shop at specialty retailers to find their favorite eco-friendly products and organic foods. Today, almost every grocer has a section dedicated to natural and organic products and demand continues to grow. Although Millennials are driving this trend and filling approximately 60% of their shopping cart with these products, older generations are also eating and living clean—34% of Generation X shops organic. In our infographic we explore the purchasing priorities of the health and wellness consumer.

Who Is The Wellness Consumer?

5 Facts You Need To Know

1. 64% of American families prioritize organic, natural, and eco-friendly products when making buying decisions

2. 62% of all consumers are trying to live a healthier lifestyle

3. 49% of consumers beleive that organic foods are better quality than conventionally grown products

4. Almost half of consumers who buy eco-friendly products say their primary concern is purchasing products that are cruelty free and not tested on animals

5. 22% share their favorite products with friends and family on social media

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