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Infographic: Who Is More Loyal to Brands? | WMI

14 Jun 2017 Ann D'Adamo

in Media


With so many products to choose from, each competing on price, efficacy, and convenience, it can be a challenge for brands to retain consumers. Yet, many remain loyal to the brands they have come to trust and love. What drives loyalty in consumers? That depends on who you ask—men and women take different approaches to shopping and that affects their choices and loyalty to brands. In our infographic, we reveal why consumers stay loyal to their favorite brands.

What Drives Brand Loyalty?

For women, loyalty is about trust and brand devotion

they approach brands in the same way they approach relationships

form personal, one-on-one relationships with brands

respond more to discounts and deals

marketing messages that address value appeal to this group

For men, loyalty is about honor

shop when there’s a perceived need and generally buy when a product meets that need

are product-driven and look for quality

look for immediate rewards and benefits

respond to marketing messages that focus on the strength of the brand

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