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Infographic: Why the Consumer/Brand Emotional Connection Matters | WMI

21 Jul 2017 Ann D'Adamo

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When deciding among brands, 65% of consumers say they are more likely to choose a brand they feel emotionally connected to. This connection goes beyond producing products that people like, the connection comes from feeling that the company cares about people like them. Nurturing these feelings with your consumers create a lasting relationship and build a lifelong affinity for your brand. In our infographic, we illustrate why consumers feel emotionally connected to brands and how brands marketing to women can engage them through emotion. 

Why Do Consumer/Brand Emotional Connections Form?

Consumers say the brands they love do these five things.

1. Care about people like me

2. Want to make a difference in the world

3. Understand me

4. Make me feel special

5. Make me feel more confident

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