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Infographic: Is Influencer Marketing Worth It?  

22 Jan 2018 Ann D'Adamo
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Partnering with social influencers and sharing that content on social media has become commonplace for brands, but is it worth it? Although measuring ROI is a challenge for 78% of marketers, most agree influencers have been successful in driving awareness, engagement, and increasingly, lower funnel metrics-46% of marketers now use product sales to determine the success of a program, a notable jump from just 34% in 2016. Today, 86% of marketers across industries are using influencer programs, indicating that they have become an integral part of the marketing mix, not just a passing fad. In our infographic, we reveal the strategies marketers are using in their influencer marketing campaigns and the tactics that are the most successful.

8 Facts About Influencer Marketing

39% of marketers are increasing influencer budgets in 2018

Most marketers spend between $25-50K on influencer programs

Marketers engage in between 1-5 influencer campaigns per year

Most influencer campaigns engage between 1-10 influencers  

52% of marketers leverage multiple influencer types in each campaign

44% use influencer content to improve performance of other marketing channels and social media

29% contract with influencers to be brand ambassadors

7% use celebrities and famous influencers in chatbots

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