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Smart Snacking Trends 2016 | WMI

12 Oct 2016 Ann D'Adamo

in Food & Beverage


Americans love their snacks! 94% of U.S. adults say they snack every day and half regularly nibble 2-3 times throughout their day. But all that snacking has a downside—extra calories, saturated fats, and high sodium counts have consumers concerned and looking for alternatives. Better-for-you snacks are a growing market for those who want to satisfy their cravings without the guilt...but brands still have some convincing to do—78% are skeptical of better-for-you claims.  Learn how Women's Marketing can help amplify your brand's message through paid social media, influencer marketing, and a mix of traditional and digital ad formats. Contact us today to get started!

Top 10 Statistics About 2016's Smart Snacking Trend

1. 94% of Americans eat snack foods every day

2. 72% of better-for-you snackers eat on-the-go

3. Snacks made with whole-grains are losing market share, down 3% since 2015

4. 68% of better-for-you snack buyers only buy products made with ingredients they recognize

5. 79% wish there were more healthy snack food options

6. Millennials and Generation Z are more likely to want healthy snacks than older generations

7. 51% use snacks as a meal replacement

8. 63% are buying more better-for-you snacks in 2016 than last year

9. 76% are skeptical of better-for-you claims

10. Men buy more healthy snacks than women, 53% to 46%

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