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Social Media Links Consumers, Brands During Awards Season | WMI

23 Jan 2017 Ann D'Adamo

in Media

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“Who are you wearing?” The answer to the ubiquitous red carpet question can elevate a brand from virtually unknown to household name overnight. But unless you’re already a household name, like Tom Ford or Vera Wang, how can you leverage red carpet trends during awards season?

Social is Your Most Glamorous Accessory

Last year 34 million people tuned in to watch the Academy Awards. Simultaneously, social media platforms saw record levels of activity during the broadcast—24 million users worldwide had 67 million interactions on Facebook, and Twitter recorded the most-tweeted moment of all time following Leonardo DiCaprio’s Best Actor win for “The Revenant.” Instagram reported 64 million Oscar-related interactions among 19 million accounts and Snapchat offered a stream of curated behind-the-scenes content. A convergence of passionate, engaged viewers simultaneously swiping through their social feeds make for a perfect storm of interest and interaction for marketers!

Contextual Content

If it’s trending on the red carpet, make it part of your social content. It’s important for brands to be nimble and react to red-carpet trends in real time, creating editorial content inspired by red-carpet looks. Beauty brands can offer products that mirror colors and highlight techniques seen on celebrities, fashion brands can offer immediately shoppable looks that allow fans to re-create a look, wellness brands can offer red-carpet-ready exercise tips, even food brands can participate with recipes, party tips, quizzes, and games that play on the awards show, music, or nominated films. Brands can utilize shoppable posts to generate real-time sales when consumers are excited and engaged in the category.

After-Party Inspiration

Marketers can continue to build on Oscar-frenzy even after the last statuette has been awarded. Engaging fans and followers in social conversations about the event, developing “re-create the look” video, offering a shoppable carousel of products inspired by the red carpet, or creating shareable GIFs highlighting the show’s most talked-about moments, allows marketers to keep the excitement going in a relevant and fun way. Even simply creating a shoppable Oscar-worthy Pinterest board for your brand can help extend your reach and attract new consumers.

Marketers that make their products culturally relevant and engage consumers at the moment of interest have an opportunity to drive both awareness and conversion before, during, and after the event. Women’s Marketing offers best-in-class marketing strategy and expertise in reaching women when and where they’re most interested in your brand. Contact us now to learn more.