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Summer’s Top Hair Trends | WMI

25 May 2016 Ann D'Adamo

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What hair care trends are you most excited about? A recent survey posed that question to over 500 American women and revealed the top ten looks they wanted to achieve. This information is a gold mine for hair care brands and offers endless inspiration for creating YouTube video, Instagram posts, Snapchat snaps, and Twitter teasers!

1.Balayage and Ombre Color

The top trend among consumers is color! Thirty-nine percent of consumers expressed interest in two highlighting techniques, balayage and ombre, which produce a gradient effect on hair. This number jumps to 49% among consumers who have already tried the ombre or balayage technique, indicating that this isn’t just a passing fad!

2. Braids

As the summer draws closer, expect to see fishtail, French, and other creative variations of the classic hairstyle. Because 43% of women said they braided their hair to save time when they’re rushing, creating quick “how-to” tutorials or Snapchat video will appeal to time-crunched, style-conscious women! 

3. Hair Masks

Thick, healthy hair remains top-of-mind for consumers—53% of survey respondents say they use masks and 29% reported interest in using them. Analysts believe that growing interest in hair masks is being driven by the popularity of coloring treatments (see #1!) that may damage hair. Top benefits of hair masks for consumers include split end repair (39%), intense hydration (27%), and color preservation (14%). 

4. Oils

Piggybacking off the face oil trend, women are increasingly interested in nourishing oils for hair. Oils offer a natural, chemical-free solution—and women believe they work, 74% of women who tried hair oil say they saw a marked improvement in their hair. 

5. Dry Shampoo

Introduced just a few years ago, dry shampoo has quickly become a staple product for many women—and it’s easy to see why! It’s a time saver and has the added benefit of increasing volume, in fact 31% of consumers said they are likely to consider dry shampoo as a styling aid for achieving hair volume and 40% are somewhat likely to use this multi-tasking product. 

6. Beachy Waves

Natural looking, effortlessly styled hair has been a trend for the past few seasons. This summer, consumers say they will be trying salt-spray products to achieve this un-done look. 

7.Reverse Washing

It may seem counterintuitive, but reverse washing—using conditioner first, then shampooing—is gaining in popularity among women as a way to nourish and protect hair. Seventeen percent of consumers say they have already adopted this method of hair washing and 38% are interested in trying it. Of those who are reverse washing, 29% are using products specially formulated for this method, while 41% are using any shampoo and conditioner. 

8. Hair Gloss/Glaze

Shiny hair is often considered an indication of health and consumers are getting the look with glosses and hair glazes. One third of survey respondents were interested in trying these products to achieve the appearance of smooth, shiny hair. 

9. Lobs and Bobs

This trend has been around for a while, but women say they love the ease of caring for shorter hair. Almost half of the women surveyed said they have received a bob haircut before and 79% say they love the look of lobs on themselves and others. 


Big hair is back! A full 92% of women say they want hair that looks thick, has body, volume, and movement.

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