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Amazon Advertising Announces the Launch of AmazonFresh in the U.S.

28 Feb 2019 Marlea Clark

in Amazon

Breaking News: Amazon Advertising has announced that AmazonFresh has officially launched in the U.S., allowing sellers to create sponsored product campaigns for AmazonFresh products—a major step forward for brands in that category.

“As an Amazon-prioritized agency we have a number of brands selling on the platform, but also work with a number of food brands that have not been able to do so until now. We are thrilled about the launch of Sponsored Product Ads on AmazonFresh in the U.S. and have been anticipating the arrival of this opportunity for some time. With a significant and growing share of digital grocery market, this development will now allow fresh food brands to leverage the digital shelf space to expand their presence on the Amazon platform in a meaningful way,” says Brandon Heagle, Chief Digital Officer at Stella Rising.

Among other benefits, advertising on AmazonFresh is expected to:

  • Increase discoverability through promotion across search results
  • Reach the right customers by promoting your product only to customers available for Amazon Fresh delivery—and only when it is in stock
  • Build loyalty and create long-term value with new shoppers

Stella Rising leads the way in providing end-to-end Amazon Services as part of a cross-channel e-commerce approach. Want to chat with us about advertising on AmazonFresh or turning your brand into a superstar on the platform? Contact us today!