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Stella Rising Client Pour Moi Expands With Amazon

15 Mar 2019 Elizabeth McHugh

in Industry News, Amazon

Stella Rising client Pour Moi Skincare is ready to grow through Amazon. A fresh-thinking D2C skincare brand, Pour Moi uses Climate-Smart technology and application to recommend products based on where women live. While Pour Moi founder Ulli Haslacher recognizes that there can be an upfront hesitation with trying new beauty products, she also notes that, “…Amazon cannot be ignored.”

In an article titled, “Pour Moi Expands Beyond D2C, Steps Out On Amazon,” Media Post describes the enormity of the beauty and personal care product category on Amazon: “The e-commerce giant sold $1.9 billion worth of health and personal care items in the second quarter of last year, up 23%, and $950 million in beauty products, a 26% jump.”

Stella Rising is thrilled to support Pour Moi as it advances on Amazon. Interested in learning more about how we can help develop your Amazon strategy? Contact us today!

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