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Stella Rising Leaders Shine on Mogul’s People Leaders of 2024 List

16 May 2024 Elizabeth McHugh

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We are thrilled to announce that Stella Rising CEO, Andrea Van Dam, and CPO, Kate Dillon, are among the top ten leaders on Mogul’s list for the Top 100 People Leaders of 2024—highlighted as “standouts” among incredible leaders.

Mogul’s list celebrates the most influential and innovative leaders across industries, highlighting individuals whose leadership style inspires and transforms. The selection process for this list spanned six months and involved careful evaluation by Mogul’s management alongside DEI and HR experts. Leaders chosen for this list not only influence their industry and drive success, but also contribute to community development and spark positive change and progress.

Writes the Mogul team, “As CEO and Chief People Officer, respectively, Andrea Van Dam and Kate Dillon have revolutionized Stella Rising by instilling a collaborative work environment that leverages diverse talents for innovative digital marketing strategies. Their commitment to employee development and leadership training has not only driven company growth but also solidified its reputation in the industry. Their inclusive leadership style has nurtured a culture of recognition and empowerment.”

In March, Stella Rising was named to Mogul’s Top 100 Workplaces for Diverse Professionals and described as an agency that “harnesses the power of diverse perspectives to drive innovation and creativity in its marketing strategies.”

Thank you again, Mogul, for this incredible honor! If you are interested in becoming a Stella, see open jobs here.



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