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Women’s Marketing and AllWork Unveil Research at Millennial 20/20 Conference

Women’s Marketing and AllWork Unveil Research at Millennial 20/20 Conference

03 May 2017 Brooks Dibble

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March 2, 2017

Women’s Marketing, a leading marketing services agency has partnered with AllWork, the platform that is enabling the transformation of the retail industry to an on-demand freelancer staffing model. The study examines how Millennials look for work today, and the findings will be revealed on March 2nd, at the Millennial 20/20 conference in New York. The study surveyed 1,000 men and women across three generations—Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers—identifying some of the unique attributes of the Millennial path-to-employment, including the fact that:

42% of Millennials would rather sit in traffic than look for a job
42% would rather go bathing suit shopping!

Our findings illustrate how Millennials move throughout the employment funnel, from judging a company based on its public profile (social media, website, job review sites) and the interview process, to the importance of personalized on-the-job training once hired. At its core, the study explores how employers must adapt to recruit and retain the right talent for their business.

“Women’s Marketing is excited to partner with AllWork, an innovative company that is changing how companies, and retailers, sell product. We’re proud to fuel AllWork’s deep understanding of the Millennial workforce, which will help create modern thinking and business practices to optimize Millennial talent,” says Andrea Van Dam, CEO of Women’s Marketing.

“Our focus is to help companies adapt to a new workforce that is being influenced by the millennial generation who have a great desire for flexibility. We want to help companies understand how to adapt to millennial preference when it comes to the future of work. This study provides unique insight into how millennials look for work, select the places they work, and plan their career path,” says Glenn Laumeister, CEO of AllWork.

The findings will be presented at the Millennial 20/20 conference in NYC March 2, on a panel hosted by AllWork CEO Glenn Laumeister, titled “Back To The Future: Why People Matter in the Age of Technology.” The conference is the world’s first summit focused on the Millennial mindset and its impact on the future of commerce.

About AllWork
AllWork enables on-demand freelancer staffing for the retail industry. Our platform is the easiest way to find, manage, and pay retail talent. We help brands and retailers sell more and engage customers by staffing the right people, in the right store at the right time. AllWork's platform connects talent with top freelancer opportunities and provides one end to end solution to handle recruiting, scheduling, training, communications, payments, reporting, and HR administration.

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