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The Snapchat Generation: How Today's Teens Engage With Brands

20 Apr 2017 Ann D'Adamo

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The Snapchat Generation: How Today’s Teens Engage with Brands

Over 50% of American teens say Snapchat is their favorite social media platform, so we tapped our Snapchat partner Liz Kozersky to offer insight into this emerging demographic. Join Liz and Marlea Clark, EVP of Marketing and Insights to discover what’s important to today’s teens and how it will impact your marketing.

In our webinar you’ll learn: 

 -  What Generation Z expects from brands

 -  Insight into how teens are using social media to connect with brands

 -  Why marketing to Gen Z is completely different than Millennials  

 -  How teens influence what their peers and parents buy

Recording Date: April 11, 2017