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Conductor's c3 Conference - Cutting Edge Search Marketing Tools, Techniques, and Discussion

20 Sep 2013 Lily Ray

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The SEO department at Flying Point Digital was thrilled to have attended this year's c3 - Conductor Collaboration Conference, where some of the most notable speakers and doers in the SEO and search marketing community came together for a three-day conference to discuss and learn about all the latest techniques, tools, and information in the industry. The event was a huge success: not only did the seminars and workshops cover highly valuable topics of information, but Conductor also did a wonderful job providing attendees with a fun, laid-back atmosphere and a wonderful networking party complete with food, drinks, music, and games.

2013 c3 SEO Panel Seth Dotterer - VP of Marketing at Conductor; Joe Griffin - iAcquire Co-CEO; Jeremiah Andrick - Logitech; Bill Hunt - Author of “Search Engine Marketing;” Mike Walker - Brooks Brothers; Wil Reynolds - SEER Interactive Founder


Conductor hosted a panel of five truly remarkable individuals within the SEO community: Joe Griffin, the co-CEO of iAcquire; Jeremiah Andrick, the Senior Manager of Online Customer Acquisition at Logitech; Bill Hunt, the author of Search Engine Marketing, Inc.; Mike Walker, the head of SEO at Brooks Brothers; and Wil Reynolds, the founder of SEER Interactive. During the panel, audience members were able to ask the panelists questions about the current state of SEO and expectations about the industry moving forward. The panelists also provided tremendous insight into what makes a good SEO professional, and what agencies and companies should look for when hiring SEO talent.

The panel discussion and many other seminars at c3 focused around the idea of a "Center of Excellence," or the various team members with whom an SEO professional needs to partner to help suggested strategies become a reality. A Center of Excellence may be comprised of those who work in the merchandising, public relations, copywriting, or marketing departments of a given company, and they can contribute to SEO efforts by helping generate informative, relevant, interesting content for the company's website. In 2013, it is the job of the SEO professional to leverage relationships with these individuals to help bring the content on a given website to its full potential.


Rand Fishkin at 2013 c3 Conductor Collaboration Conference Rand Fishkin, CEO and founder of Moz

Flying Point particularly enjoyed the seminars held by Wil Reynolds, Bill Hunt, and of course, the remarkable Rand Fishkin - all of whom provided inspiring, practical and valuable insights into the industry.

Conductor did a wonderful job of providing an entertaining "networking after-party" to give everyone at the conference a chance to get to know each other better. Food and drink were plentiful, and attendees got to enjoy a live DJ, arcade games, and air hockey table.


Conductor Collaboration Conference c3 NYC 2013 - pulled pork sliders Pulled pork sliders at 2013 c3



Serena and Lily from Flying Point's SEO Department enjoy the c3 Photobooth Serena and Lily from Flying Point's SEO Department enjoy the c3 photobooth



Flying Point is proud to partner with Conductor, the creators of "Conductor Searchlight," an advanced enterprise SEO monitoring and reporting platform.

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