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Search Ads vs Display Ads: The Power of Working Together | WMI

14 Oct 2014 Kathleen Jahnke

in Digital

display advertising optionsOne of the most common questions our planning team receives when putting a digital plan together for a client is whether to go the display or search route. As some advertisers are still getting their feet wet in the digital space, they are understandably hesitant to invest their dollars in both, but, simply stated, it’s not really a case of search ads vs display ads. These two digital advertising options are most powerful when used in tandem. A synergy of display and search ads results in stronger campaigns with improved search engagement, enhanced brand recall and increased conversions.

Why Use Display Advertising? Increased Search Volume and Site Visitation

According to comScore, among those who were exposed to a display ad in the U.S. market, brand queries saw an average lift of 40% while site visits saw a lift of 49%. Furthermore, in a Stanford University field experiment called "Display Advertising Impact: Search Lift and Social Influence," researchers found that those who were exposed to a display ad performed 5 to 25 percent more campaign-relevant search queries than those who were not exposed to the ad.

Enhanced Brand Recall Relies on Dual Digital Efforts

A ComScore study of unaided brand recall of major brands shows that display and search need each other to produce a highly successful campaign. Together, they target consumers at key touch points during the purchase decision process and boost brand recall metrics. The integration of both creates a pull and push mechanism that fluidly guides the consumer. Alone, display and search have lesser effect.

Expanding your Digital Advertising Options Leads to Increased Conversions

A Yahoo! Retail Reconnaissance reported that there was a 59% lift in conversions when users searched for retailers after being exposed to display advertising. We recommend adopting a holistic approach by using both display and search to influence the consumer in their journey from awareness to purchase. Search captures the demand generated by display, and an enhanced media mix using both will result in a stronger, more effective campaign.

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