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What Media Are Female Millennials Consuming? | WMI

08 Oct 2014 Julie Wolvek

in Women in Media

Millennial ConsumerWe know women.

It’s our mantra. We understand what she’s looking for, what media she consumes and why she consumes it. In general, Millennials (particularly females) spend more time with the Internet than any other media, but it is important to note that the younger half of this generation is still reading more magazines than the older half (10.6 issues read per month vs. 9.9 issues).

Fun Fact: 18-36 year olds spend an average of 17.8 hours a day with different types of media and use multiple sources, some of which are used simultaneously (and no, they are not strictly being used to catch up on friends’ whereabouts!).

Millennials as Consumers: They’re Spending Time Socializing with Their Peers

Some forms of media are more important to Millennial consumers than others. Entrepreneur reports that 71% of Millennials say they engage in social media daily, and spend over five hours per day generating their own content (this may include social media posts, photos, blogs, emails and texts), which equates to 30% of their total daily media consumption.

Millennial Consumers are still opting for traditional media along with user-generated content

Don’t throw in the towel on traditional media just yet, as it still accounts for 33% of Millennial consumer media consumption. The big difference between user-generated media and traditional media consumption? It may come down to time spent vs. intimacy of the interaction. Female Millennials still spend more time with traditional forms of media, but user-generated content shapes their lives more than any other form of media. In fact, the most effective content on social channels is often what brands inspire readers to publish about themselves. Is your brand considering both time spent and personal engagement?

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