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Executing A Direct Response Campaign | WMI

17 Dec 2014 Sara Axelrod

in Digital,

Ad Remarketing

Yesterday, we spoke about direct response marketing techniques, and how they can increase your brand’s share of voice and engagement. Direct response campaigns require a defined online action to drive consumers, but beyond this, there are a few ad remarketing tactics to keep in mind to help your direct response campaign succeed.

Ad Remarketing Helps Build on Familiar Consumers

Remarketing often leads to top ad performance, since it communicates with consumers who are already familiar with your brand and your site. A great use of ad remarketing is for shopping cart abandonment to remind a consumer to go back and make the purchase. Tactics that can be used for this are:

  • Look-Alike Targeting: Looks for customers similar to those an advertiser already has, based on data gathered from an advertiser’s website
  • Competitive Conquesting: Looks for consumers who have expressed interest in or purchased competitive products
  • Contextual/Content Targeting: Aligns the advertising with content about the same topic (i.e.: Hair care product included in a hair styling article)
  • Demographic/Behavioral/Psychographic Targeting: Aligns with your target market by finding consumers that fit the demographics, behaviors, or psychographics that you have identified as being your prime target market
  • Search Retargeting: Targets consumers based upon what they typed into a search query so they have established exactly what they are looking for

Mobile Marketing Platforms: Create a Distinct Path to Purchase

Once your targeting goals have been established, it is important that your brand message is clear and easily accessible on mobile marketing platforms. Best website practices outline having a very efficient and clear path to purchase, with as few steps as possible for the consumer to purchase. Efficient and effective mobile marketing platforms drive users to the landing page where the specific call-to-action can be taken within just one or two clicks. The website should be mobile-friendly. Having a website that is optimized for your consumer’s device ensures a seamless user experience, this is called Responsive Design.

Create an Explicit Call-to-Action

Your consumer is looking to quickly and seamlessly take action on the landing page where they can purchase the products, sign up for your newsletter or access whatever it is your brand is offering. Messaging should include: “Buy Now”, “Shop Now”, “Get It Now”, “Contact Us” and a dollar amount or special offer should be included. The most enticing offers have the strongest impact on conversion rate.

To learn more about how to engage with consumers through the sales funnel, read more on our blog.