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The Era of Data Analysis in Marketing | WMI

07 Jan 2015 Kim Haley

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consumer data analysisEvery new year brings innovative ideas and new technologies to the media industry, and 2015 is no different. One of the trends we see gaining momentum this year is the growing importance of consumer data analysis in every aspect of ad campaigns.

At Women’s Marketing, rich data has always guided our insights and strategies, so its influence across the marketplace is exciting to watch. 2015 may just be the year when data analysis in marketing will fuel creative execution - it already influences targeting and the competitive landscape. The grand ideas that once anchored marketing programs and campaigns will be replaced with the analytical question: “But what does the data say?”

Consumer data analysis helps brands to pinpoint what makes them most relatable to their consumers and also allows them to differentiate from the competition.

Data, which can be gathered from a variety of sources including syndicated third party research, original research and analytics culled from a brand’s own digital footprint, can teach marketers about the big business picture. Data analysis in marketing can also lead to a better understanding of your audience, which is critical for success in an increasingly fragmented world. As brands learn more about what it is their consumers want and how they approach media, and how to deliver this in a more granular way, investing in a data analysis marketing strategy will be part of creating the best consumer experience, and will create relationships that lead to brand loyalty

How Data Driven Marketing Helps Pinpoint Your Target Consumer

  • Ensures your brand messaging is resonating with the correct person
  • Avoids waste on those that will not convert to purchase
  • Only reaches people that are in a need or want state for a particular product
  • Provides value for consumers to learn about products that are relevant and useful

When you hone into the core person you are targeting with your advertising efforts, you can then take the next steps to developing a media strategy that meets your brand’s goals and objectives.

And that’s something we’ll all be looking forward to in 2015 and beyond.

Looking to bring a more data driven marketing approach to your brand in 2015? Contact Women's Marketing, Inc. today to get started.

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