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Don’t Waste Your Marketing Dollars: 3 Media Tactics Brands Need in 2015

Don’t Waste Your Marketing Dollars: 3 Media Tactics Brands Need in 2015

14 Jan 2015 Elissa B.

in Industry News, Digital

media-tactics-woman-on-phoneAuthors: Elissa Brown, Lauren Roth, Kathleen Jahnke

Three members of the Women’s Marketing media and strategy team share insights on key media tactics brands need to watch for in 2015.

Screen Agnosticism and Consumer Media Consumption

Consumers’ media consumption is changing and evolving, so brands need to continually shift their media tactics in order to connect with them throughout the day. The goal for media agencies is to reach your key target at every touchpoint, ensuring that brands are delivering relevant messaging to the right device at the right time. “In this new multiscreen universe, there are no longer individual platforms. Each must work together to ensure they deliver the relevant message in each channel,” says Elissa Brown, Women’s Marketing Associate Media Director, adding “will 2015 really be the ‘Year of Mobile’? Maybe! Mobile and tablet are the new primary screens for viewing, which means that mobile should maximize emotion, level interactivity and on-the-go-usage.”

Social Engagement and Personalization

“We are seeing brands go beyond simple social placements. They’re promoting their product by providing how-to videos and engaging the users in content that is relevant to them, while also keeping their brand top of mind,” says Women’s Marketing Associate Media Director, Lauren Roth. “Personalization extends far beyond social engagement,” adds Brown. “Wearable tech, a growing trend, is also going to help brands refine their marketing strategies based on consumer behavior and media consumption.” Using media tactics to create personal experiences will extend marketers’ abilities to deliver the most relevant messaging possible at the right time, in the right place.

Online Video and Content Curation

Online video is a media tactic that provides a level of visual and narrative richness that nearly equals television—at more efficient prices—yet offers the scale and reach that brands need to reach their audience. “We have seen online video expand its offerings year over year with advanced targeting, tracking and, increasingly, automated buying of video ad units and programmatic TV opportunities,” says Kathleen Jahnke, Women’s Marketing Associate Media Director. “ Adds Roth, “Creating content that users want to engage with is key for successful brands with video. Igniting meaningful conversations will create brand evangelists.”

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