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Millennial Moms as Food and Beverage Consumers | WMI

28 Apr 2015 Ann D'Adamo

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Food culture has exploded in recent years. As evidenced by the number of websites, blogs and social posts dedicated to culinary pursuits, it’s clear that today’s consumer cares about food more than ever. But that interest is not limited to artisanal pickles and homemade jam, Millennial consumers, particularly moms, are redefining the way they shop and cook for their families. Below is a snapshot of the Millennial Mom’s attitude towards food, grocery shopping, and what this means for your brand.

What’s on the menu for Millennial Moms?

As a group, Millennials Moms tend to be healthier eaters than older generations and aim to make healthy food choices for their families. In a 2014 Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) study, 6 out of 10 Millennials report eating healthier than their parents and half say they regularly consume organic products. Interestingly, this trend toward healthier choices applies across all income levels. While upper income Millennials are more likely to be shopping in natural and organic grocery stores, moms with tighter budgets also demonstrate a desire for foods made with all-natural ingredients and are particularly interested in healthy cooking. Brands can reach this demographic with products that appeal to her desire for wholesome, natural ingredients, along with convenience and quality.

She Researches Before She Buys

Millennials as consumers—particularly young women—are turning to the Web to seek guidance when making purchasing decisions about food for their families: What is the best-tasting tomato sauce? What supermarkets carry gluten-free bread? Research shows that smartphones are the device of choice for gaining access to a variety of services and information—in fact, 35% of food and beverage product page views are accessed from a mobile device and 40% report using a smartphone while shopping in stores. Millennial moms are looking for online ratings, consumer-generated product reviews and digital coupons. By providing helpful information along the consumer’s journey, you’ll capture her attention early in the research process and give her the confidence to buy.

It’s All About Quality and Value

Millennial Moms place a high premium on quality and value when they shop for groceries for their household. In another PLMA study, the Millennials surveyed reported affordability (56%) and value (47%) as their top considerations when deciding to purchase a product. But here’s the good news for brands – once she tries your product, she’s 55% more likely to purchase it again! How do you get her to give your brand a shot? Product quality improvements, new and innovative products, and a greater variety of package sizes—including trial packs, are all options for converting Millennial Moms to your brand.

Does your brand need help getting off the shelf and into her cart?

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