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Sun Care Market Trends Demand Innovation | WMI

15 May 2015 Ann D'Adamo

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As summer approaches, the seasonal sun protection category begins to heat up. But the classic sunscreen market is suffering from a slow burn—a blurring line between skin care and sun care and concerns about the safety of ingredients are challenging traditional sun protection brands. Women’s Marketing’s analysis of the sunscreen and sunless tanning category found that sales declined nearly 3% in 2013, with only modest improvement in 2014. Analysts predict future growth to be slow, forecasting only gradual gains of 7% by 2019. But it’s not all bad news—demand for natural sun protection and a universal desire for anti-aging skincare products are driving innovation.

Safe Sunscreen…and Beyond

It’s clear that female consumers and moms want more options for natural, chemical-free sunscreens. Nearly a quarter of women with young children are concerned about the safety of ingredients used in sun protection products and, among adults who use sun protection and/or tanning products, a full 75% prefer products with natural ingredients. Brands marketing to women and seeking to capture a larger slice of the sun care market would be wise to create formulations with fewer chemicals and more organic ingredients.

Beyond that, tech has extended to the sun care market: 45% of sun care users are interested in bracelets that change color when it’s time to reapply sunscreen and 33% are interested in apps that alert them to reapply sun protection. Here, sun care brands have an opportunity to expand their product lines with complementary items and apps that drive sun care sales and brand awareness.

Multi-Functional Sun Protection

Busy women are seeking products that multi-task or have comfort-enhancing benefits. Innovations for 2015 include ultra-moisturizing solid-to-oil sunscreen balms, clear formulas enhanced with antioxidants and vitamins, products that provide a cooling effect when slathered on skin, and hydrating SPF mists designed to be sprayed on after applying make-up.

A New Market – Converting the Occasional Sunscreen User

A recent study from the American Cancer Society underscores the fact that despite increased efforts to educate consumers about the risks of UV exposure, two-thirds of adults do not regularly use sunscreen. This creates an opportunity for brands to pursue new ways to make sun protection a regular part of women’s personal care routine. Research found that 71% of consumers are interested in anti-aging SPF enhanced body lotions and 59% are interested in body wash with SPF. Creating products specifically marketed to women who aren’t regularly applying sun protection and enhancing them with a scope of anti-aging benefits, may lure the occasional user to your brand.

Marketing to Women When It Comes to Sun Protection

What do women want when it comes to sun protection? Products that are safe, natural, and provide a multitude of multi-tasking benefits. At Women’s Marketing, we understand today’s busy female consumer, how to market to women, and how to reach her where and when she’s most receptive…even if it’s at the beach or pool! Contact us today to learn how we can help your brand connect with and market to women.

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