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Infographic | The Clean Beauty Boost

22 Mar 2022 Elizabeth McHugh

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What’s next for clean beauty? Since our last clean beauty update, consumer interest in ingredients has spiked, mainly for two reasons: consumers craving efficacy and a sense of control. Now paraben-free represents over half of beauty and personal care products, and clean beauty is on to a new phase. The movement is heading mainstream: brands like Versed at Target, with lower price points, show clean beauty’s mass appeal. At the same time, younger consumers will keep pushing brands toward sustainability. Clean beauty’s definitions will only broaden, and the category will come to envelop products that are refillable, recyclable, and ethics focused.



The Clean Beauty Boost: Infographic Highlights

  1. All beauty spending is up: 2021 beauty sales increased 16% YoY, to $88.7B

  2. Clean beauty is popular with consumers: 62% of consumers view clean beauty products as safer than mainstream products; 59% feel that way about higher quality. 65% report they are using more clean beauty products than they were last year.

  3. 62% of consumers say that clean beauty means "natural/organic" to them
  4. 44% of consumers trust beauty or personal care brands with clinical studies that prove efficacy
  5. 45% of consumers purchased their clean beauty or personal care items on Amazon

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