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ICMAD: A Valuable Resource for Emerging Beauty Brands | WMI

ICMAD: A Valuable Resource for Emerging Beauty Brands | WMI

23 Jun 2015 Ann D'Adamo

in Beauty, Industry News

beauty-products-displayed-showing-trend-setting-styles-of-emerging-brandsMany people perceive the beauty business as glamourous, but it is still a business with very specific regulatory and legal challenges. Large corporations have teams of experts in place to manage these issues, but emerging brands often have to navigate these concerns independently. Entrepreneurs can spend days trying to untangle complex supply chain issues, understand import/export regulations, and attempt to stay on top of beauty industry trends –all while handling product development, marketing, and accounting.

Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors (ICMAD) is a non-profit trade association dedicated to providing programs and services to innovative cosmetic companies to help them succeed in the rapidly changing, highly competitive cosmetics and personal care industries. Women’s Marketing’s Vice President of Business Development and head of our California office, Sinead Norenius-Raniere, was recently elected to sit on the West Coast Committee of ICMAD. We are proud of her appointment as it represents our commitment to helping emerging beauty brands grow and thrive.

We spoke to Sinead about ICMAD to get a better understanding of how the organization can help emerging brands.

What business services does ICMAD provide for smaller beauty and personal care brands?

ICMAD offers access to a variety of helpful business tools that would typically be out-of-reach of many small businesses; specialized insurance coverage, warehousing programs, assistance in navigating complex customs issues, an in-depth Legislative/Advocacy Program to inform you on regulatory decisions, and they even partner with BIORIUS as their regulatory consultant in the European Union.

What benefits are available to ICMAD members?

In addition to the regulatory and business services, members receive discounts on credit card processing fees, discounts on industry journals, and special pricing on shipping.

How will ICMAD help to keep me on top of industry trends and regulations?

ICMAD offers tremendous educational opportunities—their Technical/Regulatory Forum and FDA Workshop are among the best in the country—and ongoing webinars offer insights into the hottest topics in the beauty industry. Members receive ICMAD’s free newsletters and free subscriptions to other industry publications.

What types of partnerships and marketing opportunities does ICMAD offer?

ICMAD really excels here! Members have access to the latest industry marketing research from Kline & Company—a valuable resource for brands. Attend ICMAD receptions at tradeshows to meet with industry peers, connect with cosmetics and personal care companies through their “Call Me First” program, members are listed in ICMAD’s membership directory, and members can link to peers through ICMAD’s Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages. The ability to network with industry insiders and fellow business owners is a key element in building your emerging beauty brand. Finally, the Cosmetic Innovator of the Year Awards provides exposure for emerging brands and an opportunity for your products to be showcased, and seen, by tastemakers around the country.

Build your emerging beauty brand

Women’s Marketing is dedicated to helping brands find actionable solutions to their biggest business challenges. ICMAD can provide valuable support to small businesses and help them to gain a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace. Click HERE to learn more about ICMAD.

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