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Mobile Purchasing: 5 Ways eTailers Can Increase the Buying Experience | WMI

17 Jun 2015 Ann D'Adamo

in Women in Media, Digital

woman-holding-iphone-to-perform-mobile-purchasingIt’s safe to say that women love their mobile phones—in one survey 94% of women say that they keep their phones at arm’s reach and use them to surf even when they’re home and have access to more powerful devices, such as laptops and PCs.

While women are comfortable browsing online, they haven’t fully transitioned to mobile purchasing habits. Prosper Mobile Data reported that 81% of smartphone users have done research from a smartphone, but only 50% have made a purchase from their phone!

These numbers reveal that there is limitless potential for female consumers to shift their buying patterns to their mobile phones—linking the path-to-purchase together in a single, seamless mobile shopping experience. What can your brand do to entice women move beyond research and swipe the “buy” button? Our research has unearthed five ways your brand can create a better mobile purchasing experience for shoppers.

1. Personalize the Experience

An Infosys study on consumer behavior revealed that 59% of shoppers who have experienced personalization in their shopping experience agree that it affects their buying behavior. Offering product recommendations based on past interactions or geo-targeted offers and discounts encourages women to complete their purchase.

2. Easier Checkouts

50% of consumers in another study said they would spend more of their shopping budget on a mobile device if there were “easier checkouts,” citing one-click checkout as their preferred method on a mobile device. Marketers who streamline the checkout process with one-click options are more likely to complete the sale.

3. Show and Tell

Consumers want to see the goods! MarketLive survey respondents said they want the ability to view the full product selection, full-sized images and detailed product information—including consumer-generated reviews of products. Creating mobile sites that respond to a consumer’s desire to clearly see the product and understand what’s offered allows women to feel more comfortable pushing the “buy” button.

4. Easy to Search

Women often know what they are looking for when shopping online. Make it easy for them to find it with an easy-to-navigate search function and clearly labeled product categories.

5. Cross-Channel Convenience

More shoppers are demanding cross-channel convenience. Shoppers want a shared profile across channels (for example, their profile from a PC accessible via mobile). In fact, 40% of purchases are made crossing channels, whether “showrooming” or “webrooming.” By embracing and marketing in cross-platform channels that customers favor, retailers will deliver a positive customer experience and ultimately drive sales and brand loyalty.

Are you making the most of your Mobile Purchasing Power?

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