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Instagram To Introduce New In-App Shoppable Ads

15 Jul 2015 Jared Cohen

in Social Media

Following suit of Pinterest and taking a page out of their Facebook playbook, Instagram unveiled new features and buttons that are sure to optimize targeting and quantifiable turnover for brands.

Instagram In App Shoppable Ads

Not only do the new features offer companies the opportunity to enhance their targeting beyond simply gender, age, and location; they also allow brands to run direct response campaigns with measurable results versus brand awareness promotions.

These ads will act as call to action buttons within users’ feeds, and will give marketers and brands a more direct way to target users within the application. According to a blog post from June 2015, Instagram’s advertising capabilities will start focusing on three key areas:

  • Expanding ad offering to include action-oriented formats
  • Offering more targeting capabilities
  • Simplifying the process for big and small businesses to buy ads on Instagram

To continue to offer more targeting capabilities, Instagram plans to work with Facebook in order to develop advanced targeting options. If you’re familiar with Facebook Ad’s, you know that targeting can get pretty granular based on the slew of information Facebook gathers on its users, and it seems Instagram will have access to some if not all of this information.

What’s interesting about the Instagram action button feature is the way users navigate the actionable item they wish to experience. When you click a “shop”, “sign up”, or “install an app” button, a miniature browser opens up within the application for the user to explore without ever leaving Instagram. Instagram’s Global Head of Business and Brand Development James Quarles explains that by keeping the user in the app, it is trying to uphold “that philosophy of a smooth, straightforward browsing experience.” Next, we foresee Instagram offering users the option to process payments through the app. What do you think?

According to a Statista study, there were 300 million Instagram users in December 14’. These actionable in-app buttons will give users an incredibly direct way to shop or interact with brands, and will also integrate with Facebook. Instagram says it plans to make its advertising available through an Instagram Ads API and the Facebook ads interface.

We should see these roll out over the upcoming months, with Instagram opening the floor to marketing partners of Facebook first, to get the lay of the land.

They plan to expand “globally throughout the year”. Let’s see how this shakes out—although for brands with a large Instagram following and engagement rate, these new additions are looking pretty powerful.

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