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28 Sep 2015 Ann D'Adamo

in Media, Beauty

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Did you know that searches for makeup tutorial videos spike during October? Halloween-related videos account for 57% of seasonal makeup tutorial video views. With that in mind, seasonal beauty trends provide a unique opportunity to connect with consumers and showcase products during prime search time. Women’s Marketing looked at the key calendar months for beauty-related searches to better understand how brands can maximize their marketing to engage consumers where, and when, it’s most effective.

January: Arctic blasts take a toll on skin. Searches related to dry skin makeup peak in winter months. Brands should promote the moisturizing and exfoliating benefits of their products.

February: Consumers love looking their best on Valentine’s Day. Views of Valentine’s Day makeup tutorials were up 13% in 2014 over 2013. Creating tutorials that focus on romantic looks, promoting scent, and focusing on the sensory aspects of products to coincide with the holiday is one tactic brands can use to gain share during Valentine’s Day.

March: It’s warming up and women want a sun kissed glow— interest in bronzer-related searches increase in early spring. During this period, focus on self-tanning, moisturizing, and hair removal products.

April: Pretty in pink! Consumer searches for pastel eye shadow increased two-fold during spring 2014. Cosmetics that add color and promise to brighten dull winter skin should be promoted in April.

May: After Halloween, Prom season accounts for the biggest makeup event on YouTube. In fact, YouTube searches related to prom makeup grew 76% in April 2014 with 85% of those searches coming from mobile. Top searches are related to eye color, dress color, and getting a natural look.

June: Wedding season arrives and searches related to wedding hair and makeup on YouTube increase 70%. The focus for brands should be on special occasion hair and makeup tutorials.

July: Nail related searches peak in July! Nail art is the fastest growing nail trend with YouTube searches increasing by 35% in 2014. Nail this category by offering the latest lacquer colors and how-to videos demonstrating the latest techniques.

August: Heat and humidity bring searches for managing curly hair, make-up for oily skin, and waterproof mascara. Beat the heat—and the competition by focusing on frizz-taming hair treatments, oil-free cleansing products, and dealing with other hot weather beauty challenges.

September: As teens head back to school, tutorials for time-saving makeup tips and trendy hair styles begin trending on YouTube. Consumers will be attracted to products that offer multiple benefits in a single step such as BB and CC creams and makeup pencils that can be used on lips, cheeks, and eyes.

October: Views of Halloween makeup content on YouTube have grown 3.5% from 2013 to 2014. Will zombie makeup videos or Donald Trump hair tutorials be this year’s winner?

November: Thanks to “Movember” there’s a rise in searches for beard and mustache how-to videos on YouTube and men’s grooming tools and products. Brands that appeal to both men and women have an opportunity to gain share during this time period.

December: It’s party time! Holiday party hair and glittery makeup tutorial video views increase during December and searches for makeup brushes peak during gift-giving season. According to Google, 56% holiday-related makeup searches contain a brand name, providing an opportunity for marketers to grow brand recognition and loyalty.

Understanding how to mine these peak periods of interest to reach women is key for marketers. Women’s Marketing leverages our understanding of the female consumer to reach her where and when she is most receptive to your message. Contact Women’s Marketing to learn how we can help you develop media plan that builds on the strength of your brand.

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Source: Google and YouTube data 2013, 2014


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