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4 Tips for Creating a Profitable Amazon Product Detail Page

28 Nov 2017 Byron Kerr

in Digital, Amazon

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It’s a simple fact—if shoppers can’t find your products, they can’t buy them. In traditional retail, marketers developed strategies to stand out on shelf, but on a crowded online marketplace like Amazon, it’s more difficult…but not impossible. One of the most important strategies for getting your products found on Amazon search and converting browsers into buyers is understanding how to craft a well-optimized product page. Understanding how to market a product on Amazon can be challenging. In fact, many large brands in the CPG, beauty, and food spaces are not optimizing around these key factors. This offers independent brands an opportunity to stake their claim and compete with legacy brands.

4 Tips for Optimizing Your Amazon Product Detail Pages

Understanding how to market a product on Amazon requires some knowledge of how the platform works. Here, we share four ways brands can optimize their product pages for Amazon’s search algorithm.

1. Optimize Titles, Bullets, Product Description, and Back End/Hidden Keywords

Keywords play an important part in a product’s searchability. Crafting conversion-minded titles, bullets, and product descriptions are important factors in appearing organically. Ultimately, this leads to higher conversion opportunities for consumers who do land on the product page. Back end or hidden keywords are an excellent way for marketers to enter product or brand-relevant keywords that they may not want to be consumer-facing.

2. Create Enhanced Brand Content (Seller Central) or A+ Content (Vendor Central/Vendor Express)

Merchandising opportunities are slim for Vendors/Sellers, but Amazon now offers Enhanced Brand Content and A+ Content to allow brands more control over their presence. It’s an opportunity to showcase product, brand, and upsell/cross-sell into other products within their catalog through additional images, more creative copy, and comparison charts to convince consumers that your product is best-in-class. In fact, A+ content can drive up sales between 3 and 10% while driving brand recognition with superior marketing opportunities

3. Enhance Product Images

It’s important to leverage high-quality, high resolution images that allow customers to use Amazon’s “zoom-in” tool, which has been shown to increase conversion rates significantly. Use visual elements, such as infographics, to showcase and describe additional product benefits while extending your branding capabilities on the site.

4. Monitor and Maintain High Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Reviews give consumers the confidence they need to buy. In fact, 90% of consumers say that reviews are the most influential factor in making purchase decisions. Since user-generated content is so powerful, how can marketers encourage more positive reviews? Simple: ask, incentivize, and make it easy. What do you do if you receive a less-than-stellar review? It’s important to respond to any negative feedback within 24 hours and rectify any issues immediately.

Getting consumers to search—and discover—your brand on Amazon requires more than just listing your products; real success requires a strong Amazon marketing strategy. The expert team at Women’s Marketing has experience across the Amazon Marketplace and has helped numerous brands get the best Amazon Marketplace Results. Contact us today to get started.

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