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4 Ways to Optimize Your Amazon Marketplace for Prime Day | WMI

4 Ways to Optimize Your Amazon Marketplace for Prime Day | WMI

27 Jun 2017 Ann D'Adamo

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If there’s anything Americans love, it’s a sale—and when that retailer is Amazon, you can bet it will be a blockbuster.

Amazon Prime Day, launched in July 2015, is Amazon’s own shopping holiday. Created to attract new Prime members and lure existing members with exclusive deals on popular products, Prime Day wasn’t an out-of-the-box success. Prior to its launch in 2015, the company boasted that Prime Day would be “bigger than Black Friday” offering deeply discounted prices on popular products. But many consumers didn’t feel the discounts offered lived up to the hype and responded on social media with hashtags that included #PrimeDayFail and #GoBackToSleep. Despite consumer complaints, Amazon Marketplace sellers saw dramatic Prime Day increases of up to 93%. Since then, the company has improved the selection of items and discounts, including steep reductions on its own popular products such as Kindle, Echo, Fire Tablets, and Fire TV.

Although Amazon has not yet released the date for Prime Day 2017, historically the event is held during the second week in July, analysts are predicting it will be a windfall for Amazon. Currently, 46% of American households have a Prime membership, and prior to the event, the seller typically holds a de facto membership drive, offering a one-time discount on the annual $99 membership fee—potentially bringing the number of Americans with Prime membership to about 50%. This alone should be motivation to optimize your Amazon listings prior to Prime Day, even if your brand is not among those offering “Lightning Deals.”

4 Ways To Optimize for Amazon Prime Day

Optimize Product Detail Pages

Take the time to update keywords, images, product descriptions, and titles in time for Prime Day. Adding A+ Content to your product detail pages may result in higher conversion rates, better discoverability, and increased traffic.

Increase Budgets & Bids

With increased site traffic and more competition on Prime Day, it pays to set your campaign budgets higher and re-adjust afterward.

Develop a Review Strategy

Product reviews impact your product discoverability and buyability. Make sure you have significant review volume to make an impact.

Inventory & Pricing

Amazon has trained shoppers to look for the best value. Sellers should be prepared to price competitively and make sure to have adequate inventory of best-selling items.

With a strategy in place before Prime Day, there’s no reason that it can’t be like Christmas in July for brands. Consumers will be actively browsing the site and looking for deals, smart marketers will be in a position to take advantage of the increased shopper activity. Contact Women’s Marketing to learn more about our advanced Amazon techniques and Amazon marketing services.

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