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Infographic: Brushing Up on Oral Care | WMI

Infographic: Brushing Up on Oral Care | WMI

28 Jun 2017 Ann D'Adamo

in Health & Wellness, Beauty


Although women love to explore and try new beauty products, when it comes to caring for their teeth, they are loyal to the brands they trust—one third of consumers say they usually buy the same oral care products regardless of price. But shoppers are still savvy, 25% wait to buy oral care products until they’re on sale and 19% wait till they have a coupon…then they stock up, 32% buy several of the same product so they have it on hand when they need it. In our infographic, we explore the opportunities for oral care brands and how small brands can shine.

How Consumers Care for Their Smile

97% brush teeth

91% brush in the morning

81% brush before bed

69% visit the dentist regularly

64% floss regularly

62% use mouthwash

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