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Amazon Marketing Techniques: A+ Enhanced Content

11 Jul 2017 Ann D'Adamo

in Amazon

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There’s no question that Amazon’s disruptive effect on retail is impacting every category. From beauty to health and wellness, marketers are scrambling to learn how they can optimize their Amazon marketing techniques for product discovery. One way marketers can help their products to stand out from the competition is through smart Amazon content marketing. Amazon’s A+ detail pages offer marketers the ability to tell a relevant and compelling story about their brand. Why take the time to build A+ enhanced marketing content pages? They can increase sales by an average of 3-10%, educate consumers about your product and brand, and improve search results on Amazon.

How Are A+ Enhanced Content Pages Different?

A+ Content pages allow sellers to use additional high quality images, more creative copy, and comparison charts to persuade consumers to purchase your product. Just as with any other content strategy, marketers should develop a compelling story about the products they select for their A+ Pages.

Crafting Content That Converts

Enhanced content makes it easier to differentiate and tell your brand story. Showcasing your brand through rich images and text helps to remove purchase barriers, educate consumers, illustrate how your brand fits into the consumer’s lifestyle, and explain your value proposition. Consumers want to connect with brands and enhanced content allows marketers to tell their story in a more engaging way.

Tips for Developing A+ Content

Focus on your unique value points: what are your brand’s most compelling features and benefits? What does your product offer that competitors don’t?

Look at competitor reviews to discover what consumers care about and highlight these benefits

Assume that most consumers will be searching via mobile. Keep content short, readable, and to the point.

Which Products Should I Prioritize for A+ Content?

Focus on products that you are supporting with other Amazon merchandising support campaigns to ensure the increased traffic to those pages offers the best detail pages possible.

Products with differentiated features or strong brand stories.

Premium priced products.

Products with high traffic, but low conversion.

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Source: Amazon A+ Detail Pages