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Infographic: How Marketers Use Influencer Content | WMI

10 Jul 2017 Ann D'Adamo

in Digital,


Marketers agree that influencer marketing helps to spread awareness and introduces their brand to a targeted and highly engaged audience. In fact, almost one-third of marketers say influencers are an essential part of their marketing strategy. Beyond awareness, the content influencers create helps overall marketing efforts, contributes to SEO, and inspires sales. In our infographic, learn what marketers are saying about influencer marketing and how they’ve been successful.

Top Benefits of Influencer Marketing for Brands

1. Grows brand awareness

2. Allows brand to reach new audiences

3. Helps marketers reach a more targeted audience

4. Grows social following

5. Generates sales

6. Creates content

7. Increases site traffic

8. Drives SEO for brand

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