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Infographic: Americans Are Hungry for Recipes | WMI

07 Jul 2017 Ann D'Adamo

in Food & Beverage,


Across America, consumers are dining out more often and frequently replacing meals with snacks. But low food prices, a cornucopia of cooking-related content, and a more healthful approach to eating is inspiring home cooks across the nation. In fact, 45% of Americans consider themselves "cooking enthusiasts." Food brands have an opportunity to engage home cooks of all ages and genders with recipes, cooking tips and techniques, and entertaining ideas that make it easier for them to discover your brand. In our infographic, we look at how cooking enthusiasts get fired up about brands.

5 Facts About Cooking Enthusiasts

1. 59% love the process of cooking 

2. 41% say preparing food gives them a sense of accomplishment

3. 29% feel cooking is a creative outlet for them

4. 20% say cooking relieves stress

5. 42% of Millennials say their cooking skills are "avanced to very advanced"

We know that consumers love all types of cooking content from Tasty-style videos on social media to bloggers putting their own spin on traditional dishes. Discover how Women's Marketing creates nationally recognized campaigns for our food and beverage clients and how we can help your brand to grow and thrive.

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