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Beauty’s Seven Most Wanted Products | WMI

Beauty’s Seven Most Wanted Products | WMI

09 Sep 2016 Ann D'Adamo

in Beauty,

beauty_wishlist.jpgIf you could design a new beauty product, what would you create? That’s the question a recent survey posed to hundreds of women across America. Researchers found that across the board, women wanted products that were more practical than pie-in-the-sky. Here, we reveal the top seven products on her wish list.

What Would You Create? Women's Beauty Wishlist

1. Plush Mascara  -  Not only are consumers looking for mascara that leaves their lashes long and lush, 83% of women say they want mascara that leaves their lashes soft, not hard and crunchy.

    • 2. How-To Guides - With beauty tutorials among the top viewed videos on YouTube, it’s not a surprise that 69% of consumers say they’d like more brands to offer application guideline information as part of their packaging or on their website.
      • 3. Foundations with Built-In Applicators  - The Korean beauty trend brought us cushion compacts, but consumers would like to take this trend to the next level with foundations that come with a built-in brush or sponge applicator. Researchers found that consumers under 18 were most interested—58% said they’d like to try these types of applicators.
      • 4. Skin Thickening Under-Eye Cream -  Anti-aging is still top-of-mind for women! More than half wish for an under-eye cream that focuses on thickening that delicate skin to diminish dark circles.
      • 5. Color-Depositing Conditioner -  In an attempt to make hair color last longer between treatments, women say they are eager to try new color-depositing conditioners. A quarter of survey respondents say they have already tried color-enhancing products and another third say they would like to try a color-extending conditioner.
      • 6. Affordable Facials -  Beautiful, luminous skin is a top goal among women of all ages, but long afternoons spent getting a spa facial are not always an option—59% of women say they never go to spas for facials because they are too expensive and time consuming. But that doesn’t mean they don’t take care of their skin—at home options and mini spas offering affordable express skin care treatments are making skin care accessible to more women. 
      • 7. Weight Loss Lotion - Although this one falls into the wishful thinking category, almost 40% of women across all age groups agree that a cellulite-reducing lotion is one product they’d like to have on their bathroom vanity!

Understanding what’s on her beauty wish list can help to inform product development, but it also offers marketers insight into how to better communicate with consumers. At Women’s Marketing, we understand that women want to feel that brands are listening to their desires and offering solutions to their problems. Contact us today to learn how our strategic marketing strategies can help to amplify your message.

Source: Poshly Beauty Consumer Product Wishlist Survey August 2016