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Fashion Footwear Trends 2017: It's All About The Shoes | WMI

30 Jan 2017 Ann D'Adamo

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 In case you had any doubts, researchers have confirmed that women are indeed #shoeaddicts. From sneakers to stilettos, 94% of Millennials and 90% of Gen X women have purchased shoes in the past year. Although women's fashion footwear makes up 61% of the market, athletic footwear has excited young male consumers who are eager to be the first to pick up the latest sneaker drop. In our infographic, we look at the trends in the footwear market and learn where the opportunities are for brands.

Five Things to Know About The Fashion Footwear Market in 2017

1. 60% of consumers buy shoes to replace worn out pairs

2. 36% of consumers buy shoes on Amazon

3. Women's sandals are the most-purchased shoe style

4. 70% of men purchased athletic footwear in the past year

5. 14% of consumers get shoe inspiration from social media 

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