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Infographic: Food and Beverage Shopper Trends

26 Jan 2018 Ann D'Adamo

in Food & Beverage

ShopForToday_InfographicCORRECTED.jpg Americans used to visit their favorite supermarket to stock up on the items they needed for the week. But shopping behaviors have shifted, today, many consumers are making multiple trips to several different stores to purchase fresh foods and visiting different stores get the best prices. While store traffic may be up because consumers are making more trips, basket size is down because they’re shopping for shorter periods of time and making purchases based on immediate need. In our infographic, we look at consumer shopping habits in 2018 and how this will impact both brands and retailers.

Retailer Hopping

Consumers shop different retailers for better prices, quality, variety, and convenience
60%        shop around for the best price

41%       some retailers carry better quality products in certain categories

33%       not all products/brands are available at one retailer

23%       vary shopping based on the most convenient store

As consumer behavior shifts, marketers must keep up. Our insights practice keeps our clients informed of the latest trends and research. Contact us today to learn more.

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