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Infographic | Gen Z: Growing Up Amidst the Pandemic

20 Oct 2021 Elizabeth McHugh

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Gen Z, a generation that contains multitudes, is changing fast. They are known for their values and activism—and for good reason: 30% of Gen Z adults and 23% of Gen Z teens look for brands that help make the world a better place; 52% want the brands they use to be involved in activism. Yet as they are still young—with most not yet working full time—many need to be cost-conscious. Gen Z will continue to form and prioritize values but—in the short-term—may also choose price over those values. An example: fast fashion brands Boohoo and Shein have exploded onto the scene thanks to Gen Z. Gen Z finances will evolve—and they will keep pushing brands toward stronger ethics.



Gen Z in 2021: Infographic Highlights

  1. Gen Zers make up nearly 18% of the population—a smaller percentage than Millennials, Boomers, and Gen Xers
  2. They are more likely than other generations to describe themselves as lonely, creative, and unique
  3. Gen Zers love YouTube and 62% visit the platform multiple times a day
  4. Their Top Six Leading Concerns:
    1. 28% Climate change and protecting the environment
    2. 27% Unemployment
    3. 26% Healthcare/disease prevention
    4. 19% Crime/personal safety
    5. 19% Education, skills, and training
    6. 19% Sexual harassment
  5. 52% say that Amazon is their favorite ecommerce site, making it the most popular
  6. During COVID, 61% of Gen Z adults and 70% of Gen Z teens made most of their purchases online

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