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How to Get the Best Amazon Marketplace Results | WMI

13 Mar 2017 Matt Strietelmeier, Director SEM Services, Flying Point Digital
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Amazon has emerged as the leading destination for consumers searching for product information. Forty-four percent of consumers start searches for products on Amazon, beating out Google and other search engines as the place to discover the items they want to buy. Amazon’s wide array of brands and products, abundance of customer reviews, and one-click checkout offer consumers a convenient one-stop shopping experience. But just listing your products on Amazon is not enough; to win, marketers must optimize search visibility on Amazon just as they do on search engines. Longtime e-commerce and SEM expert Matt Strietelmeier offers his perspective on boosting a brand’s Amazon Marketplace results.

How to Rank Higher on Amazon Marketplace

Amazon’s algorithm uses historical and recent sales to influence and rank search placement. The more you sell, the higher your product will rank in search results, and, as only 30% of consumers click past the first page, it’s critical for your brand to appear among the top results. Similar to Google, searches on Amazon are driven by keywords. Since shoppers on Amazon already have a higher intent to purchase, identifying the right keywords and user intent is key. Although third-party keyword tools are helpful, the better bet is to leverage Amazon’s Search Term Report for Sponsored Products in Seller Central. These terms are based on actual consumer data so the results will be more specific to the consumers you want to reach.

Identifying Keywords that Work

Every brand and every campaign is different. Identifying keywords that work for your products can be a challenge. Instead of burning through your budget, start slow by initiating Automatic campaigns at lower bids to identify the keywords that perform best. Once you have some data, you can confidently build manual campaigns that will perform much better and at a profitable rate.

Become a Best Seller

Emerging and challenger brands can gain brand visibility and awareness by bidding on leading competitive brands and products. This is a relatively cost-effective way to gain sales and jump ahead of the pack and earn coveted Best Seller status.

Finally, if your products have a poor sales rank, sponsored product ads are an effective way to improve sales and sales rank—and improve your product’s visibility within search results over time.

Matt and his team are experts at driving e-commerce and retail sales, as part of the Women’s Marketing suite of Amazon marketing services we offer smart digital marketing strategy and Amazon optimization services. We help build brands and grow businesses. Contact us today to learn how we can put our expertise to work for you.

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