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How to Make Your Food and Beverage Brand Pop On-Shelf

06 Apr 2018 Ann D'Adamo

in Food & Beverage

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With a focus on fresh and natural, Millennials are favoring the perimeter of the store in search of fresh produce, meat, poultry, and dairy and avoiding shelf-stable foods in the center. Researchers found that just a little more than one third of Millennials say they shop the center of the store most often, compared to 62% of consumers 55 and older. Although supermarket retailers have been redesigning store layouts to reflect Millennials’ mission-based shopping style, center-of-store brands must work harder to make sure their packaging stands out at the point of purchase. Researchers surveyed Millennials to understand what packaging attributes are likely to capture the attention of this shopper and entice them to buy.

How to Make Sure Your Brand Stands Out On Shelf

Instant Savings

We know Millennials are thrifty and have grown to expect instantaneous responses to everything, so it’s no surprise to learn that 90% are more likely to choose a product with a peel-off instant savings coupon attached.

Recognizable Logo

Fifty-six percent of consumers say they are attracted to packages with a recognizable logo. Brand still matters to Millennials—but it may not be a legacy brand that appeals to them. Millennials are engaged by emerging brands that are perceived to have more authentic branding and have no real preference between private-label and national food and beverage brands. To engage shoppers, emerging brands should build brand awareness through social and ad campaigns that create awareness and keep brands top-of-mind.

Make Packaging Pop

Standing out in a sea of similar products requires packaging that pops. Fifty-three percent of consumers say bright, pleasing colors, photos of the product on packaging labels, and large, readable print draws their eye to a product on shelf. The visual aspect of packaging clearly matters to consumers and plays an important role both in standing out on-shelf and when deciding to buy.

Go Green

Although 56% of consumers say they’re inclined to choose a product that uses eco-friendly packaging over a product that doesn’t, only a small segment would refuse buy a brand because their packaging wasn’t sustainable. Although consumers say they aren’t willing to pay more for eco-friendly packaging, brands should consider using recycled materials or streamlined packaging when possible to appeal to a growing base of environmentally conscious consumers.

What Not to Do

Although minimalist packaging design is trendy, 60% of consumers say that not offering enough information about the product and its attributes turns them off, and 37% are deterred by inadequate photos or small text on the label. Clearly communicate what your product does and why consumers should add it to their consideration set.

From building brand awareness to standing out on shelf, marketers are challenged to find new ways to engage with consumers at every step of the purchase journey. Women’s Marketing offers data-informed marketing strategy and a suite of marketing services to amplify your message. Contact us today to get started.

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