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Infographic: How Moms Connect With Brands

04 Apr 2018 Ann D'Adamo

in Digital


There are an estimated 43 million moms in the U.S. and they drive up to 80% of all consumer purchasing. Today’s moms struggle to balance their responsibilities, spend time with their kids, and carve out a little time for themselves. In our infographic, you'll learn what makes moms feel like they’ve accomplished their goals, what makes them laugh, and how they stay connected to the people and brands they love.

What type of advertising messages appeal to Millennial moms?

Moms prefer content that authentically reflects the ups and downs of parenting

Respondents asked to select their top five:

60% humorous parenting moments

59% stories of real families

50% dads helping with chores

46% the unglamorous side of motherhood

41% moms successfully balancing responsibilities

38% sentimental parenting moments

38% working moms

28% racially diverse families

22% non-traditional families

10% celebrity moms

What social media platforms do moms use most?

One third of moms say they use social media to get tips and hacks from other moms

90% Facebook - moms check Facebook about 10 times per day

60% Pinterest

49% Instagram - 68% use Instagram every day

40% YouTube

23% Snapchat

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