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Infographic: Food and Beverage Brands Can Help Millennial Moms | WMI 

23 Oct 2017 Ann D'Adamo

in Food & Beverage


More than half of all moms agree that cooking for their family can be stressful. Whether it’s dealing with a finicky eater or worrying about allergies, parents have a lot on their plate. In our infographic, we explore the concerns moms face, who makes the decisions about brands, and the top ten reasons they switch brands.

Marketing to Millennial Moms: How Food and Beverage Brands Can Help Female Consumers Solve Dinnertime Dilemmas 

9 in 10 moms find at least one aspect of feeding their children challenging

Mom’s biggest dinner challenges

54% ensuring meals are nutritionally balanced

51% giving kids a varied diet

49% finding time to prepare meals

45% finding healthy food ideas

44% preparing meals on a budget

28% finding time for grocery shopping

27% deciding what to pack for lunches and snacks

14% preparing meals for kids of different ages

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